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Personal Injury Lawyers and Wrongful Death Attorneys, Walnut Creek, CA

Personal Injury Attorney Ben Glen has been representing injury victims and the families of wrongful death victims for over 29 years and has won many, many millions of dollars* for his clients. He began the Law Offices of Ben Glen PC and he and his attorneys work hard and skillfully to obtain deserving compensation for their clients. His office can handle all kinds of injury cases, including personal injury, wrongful death, car accidents and more. If you are looking for an experienced and qualified personal injury lawyer or a wrongful death attorney in Walnut Creek, CA, call (925) 957-6732 today!

Clients’ injuries have ranged from the catastrophic to major, which intrude into every aspect of a person’s life.

Clients have suffered brain damage, paralysis, coma, amputation; serious spinal injuries, nerve damage, fractures, eye injuries, internal organ injuries, injuries requiring surgery, ligament or tendon tears, burns, injuries causing scarring or deformity, neck and back injuries, and other painful, restricting, debilitating or disabling injuries.

These injuries and deaths arise from the negligent, careless or wrongful conduct of a person, company, or any other entity, public or private.

Causes include: accidents involving cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, pedestrians; dangerous conditions of property; dog bites; defective or dangerous products or services; accidents involving light rail, trains, planes, or boats; explosions, construction site hazards, electric shock, and nursing home neglect and/or abuse.

Mr. Glen’s experience has shown him that these types of injuries can and do cause extreme hardship, terrible pain and suffering, past and future wage loss, loss of job or career, the need for medical rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation, future medical care and support, among others. Mr. Glen and his firm members know the terrible impact these injuries and disabilities have on the victim’s spouse and family and fight to get deserving compensation for their clients.

We represent clients in the greater Bay Area and throughout California. Contact our personal injury lawyers to discuss your case. Our injury attorneys fully understand personal injury law. Whether you want to file a personal injury claim, a wrongful death lawsuit in California, or need legal help determining the extent of your injury, call us at (925) 957-6732.

Disclaimer: This is not a warranty or guarantee of the outcome of your case or any other. Each case is unique, based on its own unique set of facts, liability, causation, injuries and damages – and each case has its own unique value.