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Car Accident Attorney in San Francisco, California

“I have known Bennett Glen professionally over the past 22 years. He has always demonstrated the highest level of service to me. Mr. Glen has helped me in many legal matters both professional as well as personal matters. All matters he has handled for me have been handled at the same high level of professionalism and expertise, regardless of the size of the matter.

He is a brilliant person and a brilliant attorney, at the same time is extremely approachable. I would highly recommend this professional attorney to anyone.”


“I was so impressed by Mr. Glen’s service that I signed up for a Yelp account just so I can write him a positive review! To my surprise, Mr. Glen answered the phone when I called…for the other law offices I tried, I had to leave voicemails or their secretary picked up. Mr. Glen spent 30+ minutes discussing my case with me and he was very sincere and honest about everything. That very night, he faxed me all the necessary documents and we got the ball rolling right away. I was so impressed by his service, that I referred a friend to him the very next day. My friend was also just as impressed by his service, sincerity, and honesty!!!”


“Mr. Glen represented my mother in an accident case in which she was injured. He won a very favorable settlement from the insurance carrier in short time. He explained things simply as the case moved along to a very successful ending. He’s an exceptionally bright and considerate lawyer who seemed almost like a family member. We would seek him out right away if another legal matter arose.”


“My wife was injured in an auto accident with the other driver at fault. Mr. Glen was immediate in getting all the important information taking pictures of the vehicle and handling the case in a fast and efficient manner. Perhaps most important he was kind and considerate kept us informed as the case was brought to a very good conclusion and settlement with the insurance company involved. I could not have been more satisfied. We recommended him to two friends who both had the same fine experience with him that we did. I don’t think one can expect more from a lawyer. We recommend him most highly.”


“This man should be teaching customer relations in a law school! He is wonderful both in how he took care of our problems and put us as ease. Resolved our case and won a great settlement in a short time. He’s warm and friendly and very supporting during the whole trying episode. I don’t think they come any better.”


“Mr. Glen, in my opinion is what every lawyer should strive to be. He spoke with me personally within a few hours of my initial call. He gave me straight forward no bs information and did not bury me in legalese. He gave me great honest realistic advice and that I must say seemed more than genuine and was heartfelt in his getting me the justice I deserved as a citizen. My legal issues I’m sure will go smoothly and be most beneficial to me as well as set a standard for what Justice was meant to be. Mr. Glen even offered me to call him personally when I needed him which is a rare thing in today’s world. I highly recommend Ben to you all in need of justice and fairness in getting you the best settlement possible for your injuries.”


“This guy is top notch!! It is 11:22pm and he calls back to help me FOR FREE on an accident .. tour bus hit my ..parked NEW car… he was helpful & knowledgeable, listened, kind, straight up!! Thank you SOOO much!!! I feel better!!”


“My mom fell in a pot hole created by heavy equipment operators who did not put a barricade up. She broke multiple bones in her foot and was disabled. Mr. Glen, who was recommended by a friend, took the case. He was very considerate and called multiple times each week until the case was settled a little over a month later. He was very friendly and efficient. I would highly recommend him. His excellent service went above and beyond anything we expected.”


“Ben Glen has been such a positive influence on my traffic accident case. He is so helpful, I could not have got what I truly deserved without his help. I feel Mr. Glen is truly doing something he loves, because it really seems like his real motivation is to help people being treated unfairly. I will always consider Glen as my Attorney for any Auto Injury cases in the future involving friends and family. THANK YOU Mr. Ben Glen.”


“Ben Glen has both a great mind and good heart. He handled my wife’s accident case in which she was injured by a driver at fault. His settlement was far beyond anything we were led to believe that we might expect. He was fast, really concerned about our predicament, and kept us informed all the way. He was simply the kind of lawyer people hope for but seldom get. I recommend him absolutely. Several of my friends have had exactly the same kind of favorable experience in having him represent them. He’s very reassuring to have around.”


“Mr. Glen served us exceptionally well. He was kind and considerate, explained the case as it unfolded simply and clearly, and most important to us, he kept us informed at every step which made us very comfortable. I recommend him most highly and have recommended him to friends who found him as fine a lawyer as we did.”


“Kind, efficient, and comforting during a stressful time. Took care of all our needs in ways that we had not expected. He was exceptionally good in explaining things simply and clearly. Case was settled fast and for much more than we had hoped for. He is a fine, warm person and a great lawyer.”


“Bennett Glen handled my case competently and efficiently and seemed genuinely interested in my case and getting me the best settlement possible. If you want a great attorney that you can trust then hire him.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Glen offered excellent advice regarding my personal injury issue, better than my previous attorney, and charged me nothing for it. Very friendly, professional and capable, I strongly recommend him to anyone with a similar issue.”


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