What Do I Do If The Other Driver’s Insurance Company Contacts Me? Should I Ever Give Any Insurance Company A Statement?

After an auto collision, as a general rule, you should not talk to the other driver’s insurance company. Regardless of what that insurance company representative tells you, his or her primary motive, in obtaining your statement about the collision, your injuries and damages is to minimize the value of your claim/case or destroy it. It is vital that you speak with an attorney and obtain valuable advice to maximize your claim’s value before even thinking about talking with the other driver’s insurance company representative.

You might ask “how can I go wrong if I tell the truth?” The insurance representatives have been trained very thoroughly to ask you seemingly innocuous questions, which, in actuality, set you up to answer them in a way that will do as much damage to the value of your case as possible.

Insurance company representatives may seem sweet and caring, but it is a charade to get you to say things to hurt the value of your case. They can lead you on like this for months or even years. However, as I have mentioned in other parts of my articles on this website, the other driver’s insurance company does not owe you any duty of good faith and fair dealing. It only owes that to its own driver. It is best to say nothing, write down the representative’s name, telephone number, insurance company name and claim number. Wish them a good day and hang up. Then, immediately contact an attorney, no matter what you may think of there being potential problems with your case.

Alternatively, the insurance company representatives may choose to take a different approach towards you and act as though you owe them a duty to give them a statement. This is absolutely false. You do not owe them any such duty. This is an act on the representative’s part and is only intended to obtain information from you to reduce the value of your case or destroy it completely. Don’t be fooled.

Over the last 30 years, I have seen the insurance companies play these extremely harmful tricks on people involved in an automobile collision countless times and it continues. I can help you in maximizing the value of your case and prevent the insurance companies from harming or destroying your case that would otherwise occur by your talking with the other driver’s insurance company’s representatives. Feel free to call me for free advice without obligation

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