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What is “Causation” in Medical Malpractice?

The term “Causation” in the context of the medical world, is defined as a patient having to prove that the injury they sustained was caused by a medical professionals negligence that did not meet the acceptable standard of care. A patient cannot simply file a medical malpractice claim without proving that a negligence in fact occurred. A patient cannot state that they were injured during a procedure or treatment without a having any proof of it. Causation exists in two forms: proximate and actual( cause-in-fact).  Actual cause breaks down to the physician’s actions or omissions being the cause-in-fact of the… Read More

Can I Sue If I Was Never Tested For Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes can develop during a woman’s pregnancy. Sometimes, the pregnancy hormones will not allow the woman to process glucose well, leading to an increase in blood sugar levels. Gestational Diabetes can be both dangerous for the mother and infant. Typically, the test for gestational diabetes is administered between 34 weeks to 37 weeks during a woman’s gestational period. This medical condition is one of the most common issues that develop during a woman’s pregnancy. The way the test works is by drinking a glucose substance of 50G of sugar and having the mother’s blood drawn after one hour. The… Read More